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Most current photographs from WOW are on Facebook, posted either by our trusty photographer or our great customers who just want to share what a great time they are having.  To find us on Facebook, click the FACEBOOK link on the left.

Older photos from WOW can be found below
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Please Mandy GapHighlights from the whole Week
including an 80's night with special guest Gavin Shepherd plus Mandy Gap on Sunday.
A wild weekendHighlights from the whole Week
A Pajama PartyHighlights from the whole Week
including a Pajama Party, a night at the musicals, it's St. Patricks Day with Big On Top plus Rocky Horror was in town.
Lady GaGa comes to CardiffHighlights from the whole Week
including our Lady GaGa tribute night, a little bit of Salsa plus loads of Welsh Pride for St David.
WOW's Got Talent FinalHighlights from the whole Week
including the Final of WOW's Got Talent
WOW's Got Talent Semi FinalHighlights from the whole Week
including the Semi Final of WOW's Got Talent
Valentines WeekHighlights from Valentines Week
Including Dr. Bev's birthday & singer Steven ButtsHighlights from the whole week including Dr Bev's guest appearance for the School Disco on his birthday, some strange goings on Sunday with Pixie and guest singer Steven Butts on Sunday night.
Highlights including WOW's Got TalentHighlights from the whole week tonight
Including 'WOWs Got Talent'
We kick off WOW's Got TalentHighlights include totally outrageous CPR with Amber Dextrous
plus we kick off 'WOWs Got Talent' with some pretty amazing contestants.
The whole week inc NYE and the weekend afterHighlights include Miss Penny at the School Disco on Wednesday
The Amazing NYE party with Pixie Perez, Amber Dextrous & Bella Endez counting in the New Year,
Miss Kitty, Marcia & Donna Marie launch 'Here Come The Girls' on New Years Day to a great crowd,
plus Sunday mayhem with Pixie Perez & Miss Kitty's Kamikaze Karaoke!
Christmas week including Crystal WaidePixie Perez has special guests Crystal Waide (who get doorman Matthew on stage) plus the 2 Poofs & A Piano Christmas show and Pixie gets surprised by the boys from Ty Rosa on his (40th) birthday,
Bella stands in for Kitty on Monday,
Marcia, Donna Marie & Miss Kitty have their Xmas Eve Eve show on the Wednesday,
then Pixie & Donna Marie have a Christmas Eve afternoon show.
School Disco, CPR & Kitch KabaretDonna is joined by Marty for the School Disco,
Amber is up to her usual tricks in CPR with more people & less clothes every week,
Miss Kitty & Marcia get festive on Black Friday to a great crowd.
Chemistry, The Welsh Gay Mens Choir & Miss KittyPixie Perez has special guests Chemistry and the Welsh Gay Mens Choir on stage to entertain, then downstairs DJ Craig hosts the Foam Party.
Then on Monday, Miss Kitty's fun & games with Blotto Lotto and great drinks offers.
A Wild Saturday at WOW!Another packed Saturday night and guest hostess Amber Dextrous had 4 Go-Go Boys to contend with tonight as our usual dancers were joined by 2 real men!
Kitch Kabaret with Kitty & MarciaThe Girls are joined by West End vocalist David Londgen upstairs, then take to the decks and DJ downstairs playing camp classics to a packed dancefloor.
CPR with Amber DextrousProving there is no where else to go on a Thursday night but WOW!
The week has only started!Highlights from Miss Kitty on a Monday, Marcia's open mic night on a Tuesday & Donna Marie's School Disco with help from Miss Kitty on the Wednesday night.
School Disco hits WOW HighKitch Kabaret with Miss Kitty, Marcia & David Longden, CPR with Amber Dextrous, School Disco with headmistress Donna Marie & special guest Miss Penny, another Wild Saturday, plus on Sunday Pixie Perez is joined by Miss Thunderpussy and we launch our Foam Party downstairs.
including The WOW Factor FinalDale Griffiths is the winner of the WOW factor and walks off with a cheque for £2,000,
plus check out Kitch Kabaret with guest Donna Marie, a great Saturday night at WOW, Miss Kitty's Carwash,
we raise money for World Aids Day with a special Tuesday charity show starring Miss Kitty, Marcia, Pixie, Amber, Mona, Donna Marie, WOW Factor winner Dale & Miss Penny,
plus the Christmas Decorations go up!
WOW Factor Semi FinalWe narrow it down to 4 contestants this week in the WOW Factor,
plus girl band Chemistry & Caroline Cooper entertain you.
Also check out CPR with Amber Dextrous on a Thursday night.
Another Wild Saturday @ WOWYet again the bar is packed on a Saturday night with a great crowd of fun people,
plus our Go Go Boys are joined by Bella Endez to keep you all entertained.
Children In NeedMiss Kitty, Marcia & David Longden entertain whilst raising money for Children In Need,
Marcia lost the competition and gets gunged with beans & custard.
CarwashMiss Kitty & Amber Dextrous get up to all sorts of mischief on a Monday night.
Talent Contest Quarter Final2 poofs & a Piano, starring Fanny Dazzle & Pixie Perez started off an afternoon of entertainment,
then later 8 contestants were reduced to 5 as we said goodbye to 3 people in the quarter final of our talent contest, and what great contestants they all were.
Who will win the £2,000 up for grabs, check back next week to see who makes it through to the final.
A Wild Saturday @ WOWA totally amazing night at WOW with our Go Go boys dancing on the bar and a massive crowd just out to have a fun night out.
CPR with Amber DextrousAmber get the punters up to all sorts of mischief for her new night
Camp, Pop & Rock.
Student NiteJust a great night at WOW.
Hannah JonesHere are some pics from Miss Kitty's 'Truth or Dare' on a Monday night
plus an amazing PA from the diva herself
'Hannah Jones'
Our first weekIt's our first week open and here are some pics from Fanny & Pixie as '2 Poofs & a Piano' on a Sunday Afternoon plus Porn Idol
The Public OpeningFor the Public opening we had Coronation Street actor Anthony Cotton who plays Sean Tulley,
Outrageous Fire-Eating and Angle-Grinding drag star Juicy Lucy
& the amazing Cher tribute Tanya Alboni
with the whole night hosted by the original WOW diva herself Miss Kitty.
The Trade OpeningFor the Trade opening we had Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas who plays Jason Grimshaw,
Outrageous Fire-Eating and Angle-Grinding drag star Juicy Lucy
& the amazing Amy Winehouse tribute Tanya Alboni
with the whole night hosted by Cardiff diva Marcia.

Check out JLS when they popped into the WOW Deli!

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